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About Us

What do we do?

From sourcing and buying, to selling and preserving, Vintage Classic Cars offers world-class service capabilities for car collectors, investors, and art connoisseurs.

We aim to provide the best customer experience possible, making the dream of owning or investing in classic cars a reality.

How do we do it?

Leveraging an international network of vintage and classic car dealers and collectors, Vintage Classic Cars is able to source rare and highly coveted works of automotive art that are otherwise unavailable with Vintage Classic Cars, scouting, sourcing, procuring, and delivering classic automobiles is a seamless, stress free experience.

About the Founder

With over 40 years of experience in the fine arts, Mohammed Abdul Hadi set out to make his dream a reality– creating a platform from which he could share his love for classic cars with the world. Educated in San Francisco and having previously worked as a creative art director for some of the largest firms in the region, Mohammed has had a life-long obsession with automotive design and the fine arts, culminating in the creation of the “Vintage Classic Cars” Automotive Boutique.