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    Ford has been a long-standing name in the automotive industry and has created some amazing cars. Today we’re going to go back to basics a little and learn about one of the most iconic car brands in history.






    Henry Ford first attempted to set up shop in 1901 with the Henry Ford Company who later became the Cadillac Motor Company in 1902. The Ford Motor Company we know and love was launched the following year. Set up in a converted factory, Ford found 12 invests to raise $28,000 – one of which was none other than Horace Dodge, the founder of Dodge





    After the initial setup, the factory produced only a few cars each day. A group of two to three men would work on each car, assembling it from parts that were produced by other companies contracted by Ford.






    In 1913, Ford created the first moving assembly line in order to streamline the car-building process. In 1927, the infamous Model T – of which a fee thousand were sold – was replaced by the Model A. 5 years later, the first low-priced V8 was produced.


    Ford TorinoIn 1939, Ford was keeping up with the competition through the production of the Ford Mercury. The Ford Motor Company went from strength to strength and in 1951 was behind





    the creation of a scientific laboratory in Michigan. 1955 saw the creation of the Continental division as a manufacturer of luxury cars.

    2005 saw a drastic re-plan of Ford’s strategies and an attempt to re-think how the company will survive the current economy. Through some difficult years, and the closing of a number of factories, Ford has managed to regain some of its former glory and has promised the investment of $700 million in Michigan in light of the new presidency promises




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