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    We are excited to release details of the next Caffeine and Machine event. Following on from the success of the previous events, we have taken steps to work on a new location with more space to allow the event to grow organically and keep the essensce of what we are building.

    With HUGE thanks, the team at DP World have stepped up to support our endevours and kindly given us access to their fantastic new facility in Port Rashid.

    There has been a change from our usual morning activations driven by the slowly increasing Dubai temps and our desire to amend the approach a little. What could be better than a lazy afternoon enjoying the sites and and sounds?

    A selection of food and beverage will be availble on site along.

    Bring your wheels (cars, bikes, trikes, skateboards, push bikes… anything), your cameras and your conversation.

    See you there

    Source :  Caffeine & Machine Facebook

    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/cbCgwsKuCao

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